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WELCOME to AJ Vargas Enterprises!

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please take time to explore all that is offered here, which includes the links to other services and providers in different fields. 

Especially, check out our Calendar of upcoming programs.  In time, all of these will increase so feel free to drop by from time to time!

AJ Vargas Enterprises has been, and continues to be, a work in progress. It was founded by Holistic Psychotherapist, Arnulfo J. (AJ or Arnie) Vargas, LCSW, in 1996 and it continues to grow, adding new Programs and staff. The mission of this organization is to bring about an integration between Mind, Body, and Spirit with a particular emphasis on the interconnection between Spirituality and Sexuality; Eros and Spirit. 

Arnie's vision has been to provide high quality services in the Healing Arts, keeping in mind a dharmic sense of fairness, and care to all he serves. Some of these Services he offers personally. In addition, there are classes, trainings, seminars, retreats, and healing excursions to places of high vibrational, healing energy around the world. Arnie teaches at most programs. However, he sometimes includes other Guest Teachers / Practitioners who, with their individual talents and expertise, collaborate to add to the tapestry of diversity in the healing arena.

Arnie hopes that AJ Vargas Enterprises has become a permanent virtual healing center, since Arnie offers his programs at various locations. The vision for the center is one where healing services can be offered to anyone regardless of their economic status.

At present, one can attend AJ Vargas Enterprises programs by:

A) Paying Full Tuition, which allows for partial funds to be used towards the attendance of participants with lesser funds, or,

B) By doing work exchanges or selfless service (Seva), whereby an individual will volunteer to work at a program in order to attend another program at no cost.  Since the Scholarship Program is not fully in place, full tuition is appreciated by those who can afford it. Paying full tuition will allow participants with lower means (e.g.: youth and students of various ages) to attend. This type of generosity is greatly appreciated.

Please note, that in order to give presenters and participants plenty of notice, programs will be cancelled due to low enrollment, three weeks prior to the starting date. Therefore, early registration is highly recommended:  a) to save money; and b) to ensure that programs will happen.

In 2010, Arnie founded his trademarked system: Therapy of the Soul, based on the teachings of the Spiritual Teachers that have most profoundly affected his life. The TOS contains teachings and techniques from the Spiritual Traditions of East and West, as well as the contributions of Quantum Physics.

Thank you once again for your visit. Don't hesitate to Contact Us for more information regarding your needs. Namaste' !!!

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